Below are a few features included in our flagship product Ultru-Dine Pro

Basic Features

  • Built for reliabilty, speed, and ease of use. This software is powering over 80 restaurants in the QC area.
  • Touch Screen interface.
  • Employees can be taught to take orders in less than 10 minutes.
  • Built on Slackware Linux for stability.
  • Remote access from home to keep an eye on your business.
  • Swipe card log in.
  • All printers are networked, they don't rely on a terminal to function.
  • Table Service
  • Instore Tabs
  • Deferred Orders
  • Phone Orders
  • Delivery
  • Time Clock
  • Work Schedule
  • Reservations
  • Inventory
  • Integrated Gift Cards
  • Integrated VIP Cards
  • Integrated % Discount Cards
  • EMV Chip Card Compliant
  • House Accounts
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Cash Drawer Management
  • Integrated Caller ID
  • Employee Messaging
  • Receipt Messaging
  • Login Screen Messaging
  • User Menu Item Setup
  • Data Back Up

Feature filled point of sale system

Put terminals anywhere you need them.
EMV Chip Card Compliant.
Ipad tablet support.
Print receipts anywhere with networked printers.

Split checks like a pro!

Split checks at any time. Seat number menu items by their seat number or give them a name. Easily adds a personal touch your regulars will appreciate. Big carry out lunch order? Put it in by name so everyone gets their food correctly. Big party with 7 checks and split the appetizers between them? No problem!

Feature rich and highly configurable

  • Specials and happy hour pricing
  • Gift card and printable single use cash vouchers
  • Membership programs and cards
  • Discount loyalty programs and cards
  • Custom definable employee groups and permissions
  • Blind cash drawer checkouts help keep staff honest
  • Monitor POS off-site with remote access


Keep a finger on the pulse of your business. From basic counts to overall food cost percentages including invoice entry and usage reports on food and liquor. Want more detail for pricing? Figure ideal food costs on any given menu item, meal or day. See your usage reports on food and liquor costs based on start/end of inventory. See how much liquor you should have poured. Calculate your loss, overpour or error.

Speedy delivery

  • Remembers customers for recall
  • Configurable delivery zones and charges
  • Assign deliveries to drivers
  • Print directions to each delivery if desired
  • Easily texts addresses to drivers' cell phones for integration with the mapping software

Employee management

  • Time clock and scheduling integration
  • Email reports to your accountant directly from the POS
  • Labor cost and usage
  • Properly track claimed tips
  • Track employee sales

Intuitive administration

  • Built to be easy to use and administrate
  • Fix problems with a right click. Go to an order item and edit prices, attributes or screens with ease
  • Customize printouts to show the reports you want to see
  • Email almost any report from the system with a simple click

Stay in the loop

  • Get text messages based upon time of day or defined events
  • Sales reports, cancelled orders, employees that forget to punch out
  • Remote access to the POS from your phone!

EMV chip card compliant

  • Run chip cards table side if you wish
  • Credit card tabs - can hand back card with the first round
  • Does not need credit card to finalize sale
  • Helps prevent walkouts and lost/left cards
  • Tip adjust transactions at your convenience, not in front of the customers

System still works without internet connectivity

  • Networked locally with a backup in place in the event of hardware failure
  • Doesn't require an internet connection to process orders

Fully functional time clock and reporting

System is equipped with a fully functional time clock to record employee hours. Reporting makes payroll a snap.

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